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Chasing Dreams
The first time Jack sees it is on the night he wakes in the pond. He sits perched in the top of the tallest tree next to the water, his back pressed against the tree trunk, hands clutching the staff lying across his lap.
His gaze hasn't left the lights of the tiny town since he fled, torn between wanting to get far away from the people who looked right through him, yet feeling as though he could never leave. He tries not to think too much about anything and watches the steady lights in the distance for hours, their glow both comforting and condemning.
As the lights slowly flicker out, hiding the town from view, Jack decides that he doesn't much like the dark and the emptiness it brings. He sits a while longer and almost decides to leave when he sees it: a shimmering gold strand twisting through the sky straight towards the little village. It splits as it gets closer, spreading into thin tendrils that wind their way through the darkness.
He's on his feet in an instant, crouched precario
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One Thing to Fear
Natasha Romanoff jerked awake, sitting upright in bed with both hands clutching her pistol, pointing it across the empty room at an invisible enemy. Her chest heaved as she scanned the shadows, trying to remember what it was that caused her to react as she did. It didn’t take her long to remember the dreams. She’d had them constantly for the past week, ever since Loki had been returned to Asgard. Ever since her body and mind had had a chance to slow down and relax. Natasha didn’t like to relax. Relaxing was a bad thing for a spy. It made you go off guard…made you vulnerable.
Natasha swung her legs over the edge of the bed, placing the pistol back under her pillow. She rubbed her hands over her face as if the motion would wipe away the images in her mind. She couldn’t forget them, though. Couldn’t forget him. Loki. The prince of Asgard. The psychopath who had tried to take over her world…tried to destroy her and every one of the Avenger
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Sam stalked from Charlotte Mearing’s office, his face set in frustration. After everything that had happened that day, the director had simply dismissed him as though he was a child. Sam’s emotions fluctuated between anger and disappointment, mixed with a bit of desperation to be an important part of the Autobots’ lives again. He barely noticed when Carly took his hand, blindly following her lead as she directed him out of the office area of NEST.
“Come on, baby. Let’s go.” she whispered, her face filled with concern as Sam barely responded.
“Yeah, that director lady don’t care a thing about us.” Wheelie grumbled as he and Brains followed the two humans out.
Sam vaguely registered the fact that Lennox was standing just inside the doorway of the main area of the base, watching the Autobots from across the room. The majority of the Autobots were gathered in a loose cluster around Optimus and Sentinel, listening as the two Prime
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#4: Box
#4: Box – It amused Bumblebee to no end to watch his charge scurry around preparing for the thing he called “Christmas,” but he never expected the brightly wrapped package that the boy shyly handed him on Christmas morning.
Out of all the holidays that humans celebrated, Christmas seemed to be the one that got them the most excited. In Bumblebee’s opinion, celebrating the idea that a plump human in a red suit came sneaking into one’s house to leave mysterious wrapped packages was just strange - not to mention a bit creepy. But then, he had to admit that he didn’t know everything about human culture yet. He had only been living with Sam and his family for a short time, and he was still learning. After all, reading facts off the humans’ World Wide Web was nothing like experiencing it firsthand.
So it was with great curiosity and growing amusement that the young Autobot watched the preparations begin for the upcoming holiday. The Witwicky f
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Almost Lost
Looking at the remains of Chicago didn’t get any easier, no matter how many times you forced yourself to stare the ruin and realize that it wasn’t a dream. Sam Witwicky knew this very well. After all, he’d watched the destruction happen. In fact, he’d been right in the middle of it. One would think that having buildings crumbling around you and explosions turning the air into a smoky haze would make anything else in life look like a relaxing weekend afternoon.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Witnessing the horror wasn’t nearly as bad as reliving the memories.
Sam trudged down one of Chicago’s many streets, hands in his pockets, gaze fixed vacantly ahead. He didn’t know exactly what part of the city he was in and didn’t much care. All of the streets looked alike at this point – strewn with rubble and surrounded by half-decimated buildings. It really didn’t matter where he was.
He knew that it was probably n
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Purity in Shadows by OfTheFullMoon Purity in Shadows :iconofthefullmoon:OfTheFullMoon 1 0
'I Solemnly Swear'
"You know," fifteen-year-old James Potter began. His three best friends looked up from where they were sitting near the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room. Sirius was sprawled out on one of the couches, Remus was lying on the thick red rug with a book in front of him, and Peter was sitting cross-legged near Remus, while James was lying in a large chair, his legs hanging over one of the chair's arms.
James' friends looked at him expectantly. "If we're going to continue to establish a name for ourselves in Hogwarts, being the perfect pranksters that we are, we're going to need to find better ways to carry out our schemes without getting caught. I for one spent too many precious hours of these past four years in detention. Think of all the things I could have done with that time."
"True." Sirius added. "Detention took up most of our weekends, didn't it? We could have been exploring Hogwarts, preparing more elaborate pranks, sneaking food from the kitchen…"
"Studying for your exa
:iconofthefullmoon:OfTheFullMoon 5 2
A Study in Souls - Ratchet
"Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics." - Unknown
Nobody within NEST dealt with more stupidity on a daily basis than Ratchet. Sure, Lennox dealt with his fair share of ignorant recruits, and Optimus had to put up with arrogant government officials, but Ratchet would bet that no one could even come close to what he had to endure. There wasn't a day that went by without somebody coming into his medical bay with an injury that could have been avoided if only the recipient of said injury had used common sense. Ratchet had lost count long ago of how many times Sideswipe had waltzed in with that cheeky grin of his and expected to be fixed after one of his infamous pranks had gone wrong. Mudflap and Skids weren't much better – Primus couldn't have created two 'Bots more clumsy and ignorant. Wheeljack was also a frequent visitor – how he managed to blow up half of the inventions he created, Ratchet would never know. Not to mention Ironhi
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A Study in Souls - Optimus
"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly." – Jim Rohn
It's a leader's job to look out for his people. It's the leader's job to know what to do and when to do it, to be able to inspire hope when times are bad, to be the shining light in the midst of darkness. A leader must be confident, dependable, loyal, humble, compassionate, truthful, wise, patient, and loving. A leader has to be all of this and more, because people need someone to look to – someone to depend on.
In the eyes of many, both human and Autobot, Optimus Prime met every requirement and more. He was the perfect leader; one that some humans would secretly wish was leading their own world. Did the Autobot Prime have any flaws at all? Many would say no.
It is also a leader's job to put on a front, if need be, when the leader feels tha
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In the Wake of Memories
"Get inside! Let's go!" Will Lennox waved the incoming Autobots into the gates of NEST's base. "Go go go go!"
"Lennox!" Sam Witwicky ran up to the soldier, panic written all over his face. "We got Decepticons everywhere!"
Lennox held up his hands in a calming motion. "I got my whole team deployed lookin' for 'em." He looked over to the black Topkick positioned close by. "Ironhide!" The mech transformed instantly at Will's call. "Protect Sentinel – get him locked up inside!"
"Consider it done!" The warrior turned towards Will in acknowledgement of his orders.
"You gotta guard him 'cause he's the key to the whole thing." Sam said anxiously.
"Indeed I am." Sentinel transformed from his alt mode, rising to his full height. "What you must realize, my Autobot brothers, is we were never going to win the war."   
Will frowned as he listened to Sentinel's words. Something was wrong with this situation. There was something in Sentinel's tone that began to set off alarms in
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Moments in Time
1. Ring
Bumblebee would never forget the expressions on both of the humans' faces when Sam finally presented Mikaela with the long-awaited ring.
2. Hero
Sam didn't feel like a hero. A hero was fearless and strong, not a high school boy who woke at night to face the memories of his "heroism."
3. Memory
Few things frightened Bumblebee more than the day when his charge would only be one of the many memories stored in his processor.
4. Box
It amused Bumblebee to no end to watch his charge scurry around preparing for the thing he called "Christmas," but he never expected the brightly wrapped package that the boy shyly handed him on Christmas morning.
5. Run
Every once in a while Sam would get the sudden urge to flee when an unexpected touch from his guardian startled him out of his thoughts…usually the ones that involved being grabbed by Decepticons.
6. Hurricane
Their first fight swept in with all the fury of a titanic storm and left them both
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The Property of an 'Obi-Wan Kenobi'
Obi-Wan Kenobi could sense trouble quite easily. And the Force was certainly warning him now. Of course, it helped that the Sand People didn't bother to hide their evil deeds. Their victorious shrieks echoed through the canyon, urging Obi-Wan to move faster.
He knew it was the Force's guidance that had caused him to wander Tatooine's deserts that day. Despite his old age and the many years spent hiding in the desert, his ability to use the Force had not diminished. Now as he climbed the rugged rocks and sand dunes, he summoned the Force to him, basking in its surging power.
The Jedi climbed to the top of the hill and used the Force to mimic the cry of a krayt dragon – a wild, haunting screech that would be enough to scare even the bravest warrior. He saw the Tusken Raiders turn to face him, abandoning the small speeder they were pillaging. He knew that the cry and his cloaked appearance would frighten them off, and sure enough, they ran from him as fast as they could and disappear
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The Price of a Prank Chapter 2
Sirius spent the day wandering the grounds, even daring to enter the Forbidden Forest. His fear of facing Remus was too great to allow him to return to the castle, even for meals. As soon as the sun settled into the horizon, Sirius finally crept back inside. Another detention wouldn't do him much good.
No one gave him a second glance as he entered the Gryffindor common room. Apparently no one knew about what had happened the night before. Entering his own room, however, was a different story.
Peter and James looked up from their studies as soon as the door opened. Sirius didn't look at them, but went straight to his bed and began unloading his books from his book bag.
"And where have you been?" James had slid off his bed and was facing Sirius with folded arms.
"Why didn't you go to the infirmary today? Rem was freaking out when we came! He thought he'd killed you when you didn't come with us."
A guilty look crossed Sirius' face. "I needed some time to think."
"And that wa
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The Price of a Prank Chapter 1
"He's watching us again." James Potter cast an annoyed glance at his worst enemy at Hogwarts, Severus Snape. "I swear, if that foul git doesn't stop sneaking around, I'm gonna…"
"Relax, mate." James' best friend, Sirius Black leaned back in his chair. "So he's staring. He's just jealous of our innate coolness." He cast a cocky grin at his best friend.
"No, I think it's something else." James frowned at the greasy haired boy across the room, who was momentarily pretending to take no notice of them. "He's up to something. And I'm gonna find out what. And don't pretend it doesn't bother you Sirius. I know it does. Just yesterday you told me that…"
"Mr. Potter! Silence!" Professor McGonagall whispered fiercely, coming up directly behind them. "This is a study hall, not your common room."
"Sorry, Professor."
"And Mr. Black – sit in your chair properly!" She flicked her wand at his chair, causing
it to clunk firmly back on all four feet.
"Yes, Professor."
The two grinned at ea
:iconofthefullmoon:OfTheFullMoon 3 0
October 31, 1981
     Peter Pettigrew paced the living room floor of his house in London. Back and forth, back and forth. He constantly glanced at the dark symbol on his left forearm, waiting for his summons. Outside, the moon glimmered in the night sky, illuminating the Muggle children and their parents traveling from house to house. Little did they know that on this particular Halloween night, the very real world of wizards was about to be shaken. And it was all Peter's fault. He knew this. Oh yes, he knew this very well. At this very moment, the Dark Lord was making his way to the house of James and Lily Potter to destroy their young son; the one who Voldemort believed would grow to be a very dangerous threat to him and his hold over the wizarding world.
     Back and forth, back and forth. Peter fought down the guilt that rose inside him. He had been their Secret-Keeper. He had been the one to betray the Potters into Voldemort's hands. He had senten
:iconofthefullmoon:OfTheFullMoon 1 3
To Be a Family
        Sixteen-year-old James Potter awoke to the sound of someone ringing the doorbell to his house. He groaned and reached for his glasses on the dresser next to him. Squinting at the clock, he saw that it was about three in the morning. He could hear his mother heading downstairs and opening the front door. James dragged himself out of bed and walked to the top of the stairs.
       "Sirius! What..." His mother's words jerked James fully awake.
       "Is it ok if I stay here for the night, Mrs. Potter?" Sirius rushed through the words, sounding like he was on the verge of tears.
       James peered over the banister to see one of his best friends standing in the doorway, his trunk by his side, looking worse than James had ever seen him.
       "Of course." James' mother escorted him inside, sounding conc
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Peter Pan Envy
We molded pirate ships
from heavy storm clouds,
flags puffed up
and scooped out
like handfuls of sand
while the car windows
steamed in the cold.
You told me stories
of a boy in green
and his war with 
the hooked man,
said they took 
those like us
to the first star on the right
and straight on to morning.
You made me believe
and when life got hard--
mom hopped up on pills,
nights filled with demons--
I breathed wishes
to be stolen away.
No pirate ever darkened my stoop
with his wayward compass
or water-stained maps;
no fairy ever left glitter
smeared on my skin
like good dreams.
But sometimes,
I look to the sky 
when the wind blows
and hold my breath
with his name on my tongue
all the same.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 86 38
Under the Sea by mandiemanzano Under the Sea :iconmandiemanzano:mandiemanzano 501 64 Field of Dreams by yuumei Field of Dreams :iconyuumei:yuumei 29,849 1,101 Night Sky by Athena-chan Night Sky :iconathena-chan:Athena-chan 1,637 83 Frozen - Elsa by Mongoft Frozen - Elsa :iconmongoft:Mongoft 2,202 228 Here I stand by tokunaga3046 Here I stand :icontokunaga3046:tokunaga3046 4,139 106 Sisters in the Moonlight by Aledin Sisters in the Moonlight :iconaledin:Aledin 1,899 76 Will I Ever See You Again? by jasric Will I Ever See You Again? :iconjasric:jasric 3,189 213
I'm Fine
"Are you okay?"
That's all they say.
And I leave behind
These words in my mind.
I'm broken, I'm dying.
Inside, I'm crying.
There are wounds beneath my skin.
There are trials I face within.
There are things I just can't say.
There are people I must betray.
Beneath a smile, I feel pain.
Behind the sun, there's always a little rain.
And beneath these words I hold in my head...
There's always the thing I say instead.
I leave the truth behind..
So when they say, "are you okay?"
I always say, "I'm fine."
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 256 57
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WordPress Vs. Blogger

Tue Dec 6, 2011, 8:47 AM

I'm looking into starting a blog, and I've heard really good things about both WordPress and Blogger. This will be my first time doing a blog, and I've heard that Blogger is better for first-time bloggers, but I want to make sure that I know all of my options. I want something that's free, and that won't require me to spend hours trying to figure out how to use it. I also want something that will let me customize the design of my blog. I don't know if either site requires it, but I do know a bit of CSS and HTML, although I'd rather not have to use those! Also, do either of these sites make your blogs completely open to the public? This is something I'll want only family and close friends to see, and I don't want random people stumbling across my blog and reading my thoughts. However, not all of my family/friends have blogs, so I want them to be able to read it without having to sign up and create a blog themselves. If you use either one of these sites (or both), I'd love to know what you like and dislike about the one you use. If you use something else entirely, feel free to tell me about that, too!

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